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Treatments at Prana Spa Premium are a combination of a soothing touch of the hand and tailor-made care. Ayurvedic, Thai and Balinese massages are considered the best and most effective massages in the world. At Prana Spa Premium, they are performed by a team of qualified and experienced therapists from Thailand, India and the Indonesian island of Bali.


Relaxing massages

1h – 2 os.1h1,5h

Massage for pregnant women

330 zł

Massage with warm cranberry oil

350 zł

Massage with Hot Basalt Stones

320 zł

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

330 zł

Herbal Stamp Massage

350 zł 460 zł

Signature Treatments


Touch of Orient

370 zł 319 zł

Gold of Orient

600 zł

Bali Massages

1h – 2 os.1h1,5h

Touch of Orient

370 zł 319 zł

Balinese massage with aloe gel

280 zł

Traditional Bali Massage

320 zł 299 zł

Balinese massage with warm coconut oil

340 zł 450 zł

Aromatic Oil Massage

330 zł 440 zł

Aromatic Candle Massage

340 zł 450 zł

Thai Massages


Traditional Thai Massage

350 zł 299 zł

Thai Head, Back, and Shoulders Massage

190 zł 320 zł

Massage of Feet and Legs – Reflexotherapy

190 zł 320 zł

Ayurvedic Massages



320 zł 299 zł

Shiro Head Massage

180 zł

Ayurvedic Face Massage

180 zł

Packages for Couples


Sangam (ayurvedic package)

490 zł /pp

Balinese Bliss

480 zł /pp

Blissful relief

590 zł /pp

Coconut power

600 zł /pp

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